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Unlock Your Hidden Singing Potential

Talena Cuthbert Vocal Coach

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Meet Talena Cuthbert

Professional Vocal Coach, Performance Anxiety & Touring Preparation Expert

With 20 years of experience in the Pop, Rock, and Metal industry, Talena Cuthbert Vocal Coach provides a holistic approach to developing your singing skills. She takes into account not just vocal techniques, but the whole person, including lifestyle, physical, and mental health. Whether you are a beginner looking to develop your singing skills or an experienced performer aiming to enhance your vocal technique, Talena Cuthbert provides personalised coaching to help you achieve your musical goals.

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Simply the best vocal coach out there. Talena helped me build my confidence and understand my voice properly. She is really patient and can completely relate to real life situations, such as singing through a bad p.a. and how to combat it without ruining your voice etc as she has the experience to know what to do. I learnt more in a few lessons than I had in 10 years....the best!

Talena is a brilliant singer and teacher! Her techniques and advice really helped me a lot with my vocal range and my breathing. Her lessons were definitely worth the time and money!

Amazing teacher. Such a wonderful lady too.

Talena is a truly wonderful vocal coach. I can honestly say that without her help, guidance & patience I would not be where I am today and would not be able to hit the notes I hit! I can't thank her enough. If you're interested in lessons then definitely get in touch. She will tailor make each session for you in what will benefit you best. Get in touch, you won't regret it.

Thanks again Talena!


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Phone Number: +44 (07)969 416 269  /   Email:

Most instruction is conducted online, although you're welcome to visit my home studio nestled in the Cambridgeshire countryside for in-person lessons.

Thanks for reaching out!

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