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Talena Cuthbert is the creative force behind Layston Music. Talena started Layston Music with a vision - EVERYONE should have access to good quality music teaching, offering many services of music making!

​"With over 22 years in the music industry - through performing, songwriting & touring as well as 20 years teaching experience, I can tailor your music lessons to suit your specific needs. I have helped clients from many genres, from professional touring bands to children beginning their musical journey!


My passion lies in Rock & Metal and I would like to help all extreme vocalists realise their true potential"​



MA Music (Vocal) Performance 

BA Popular Music & Recording

* 22 years performance experience  * 20 years teaching experience  * SEND teaching experience

* Artist Development   * Band workshops  * Songwriting   * Studio & Touring Prep  *All Ages, All Abilities.  *Rock and Metal Specialist

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